We now have how many Cane Corsos at the Homestead?! (2023)


Twelve Titans is an Atlanta-based, family-owned kennel committed to the preservation of the true Cane Corso Italiano as a guardian, worker and protector. Our Corsos are our FAMILY FIRST. They are our beloved children and DESERVE the BEST. It gives us a great sense of pride to produce quality Corsos and place them with families who will love them just the same.
The TWELVE TITANS, children of Uranus (Heaven) and Gaea (Earth), were the group of Gods immediately preceding the Olympian Gods in Greek & Roman mythology. They were immortal GIANTS of incredible STRENGTH and KNOWLEDGE. Our Twelve Cane Corso Italianos (aka ITALIAN MASTIFFS) represent the legacy of the Great Titans and boast a noble lineage.
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Previously on twelve Titans, kennels sneak preview.

We finally got most of our dogs down to the property.

So we're really excited about that a few of them will actually go to a family members house he's got a lot of room since we don't have our kennel building set up and there's, such a delay unknown, timeframe of when they'll even get to us three to six weeks is what they told us.

We just don't really know when this building is gonna be delivered or installed.

But anyway, so we decided to bring majority of everyone down.

And so we have them temporarily here and there in some kennels outside that wasn't nice, you punch in anything don't, take your frustration out on your sister.

Now, don't kill my flower really atlas no play on my flowers, how you stop it for those of you tuning in for the first time, I'm Erica and my family and I, raise and breed connie Corsos.

Our channel is dedicated to sharing our journey as we embark upon building, a self-sustaining homestead for ourselves and our Corsos on our new farmhouse property.

Well, as they say, the boys are back in town after several trips, we were able to migrate a few other members of our course, OPEC to our homestead.

Most notably Cayuse atlas Zora, Leia, Mallya and Shannel over the past six months.

Our family has literally been split between multiple households, half of them, mostly girls have been at the homestead while everyone else were still at our other home construction of our new kennel has been delayed given the state of the world.

But we decided that the best thing is to be together rather than apart.

But the biggest question has always been will they get along or will the resident females take issue to the intrusion.

He took off from them if you've been following our channel, our core so spend a considerable amount of time running and exercising free on our property.

We definitely feel that reintroducing the other half to the incumbents would be successful.

But we still exercise caution.

Since we believe there may be a power struggle between the females.

The boys tend to be quite laid-back it's.

The girls who are on the front line, setting the tone.

So we decided that this would be a good time to have a big pack walk with a few of the newbies and see how it goes before bringing the entire football team together for this walk, we have Cayuse Atlas and Zara added to the group so far there is the normal sniffing greeting and peeing on just about everything Farouk on the other hand is wondering who all these new folks are, but he's clearly, not intimidated by them Zara.

The only one with the natural ears and tail in this group is just so happy to be back at the homestead.

She could care less about making enemies it's, almost like they've not been apart for all these months.


And by the way Cayuse is Farooq's, sire let's go.

But it is clear that the four manteno sisters are very fond of atlas one thing I love about our pack is how playful they are, but we'll be watching closely to ensure that their play doesn't turn into a brawl.

Remember, big dogs play hard.

So how will we know the difference during play? Dogs often chase jump run, chew bite, wrestle hide.

And even sometimes hump, each other when dogs play all behaviors are a game to them, and they are all done in the spirit of fun.

There is no hidden agenda and no ulterior motives.

However, play sometimes scares dog owners because it can appear extremely rough and might even result in injuries.

If two dogs are wrestling, and it seems too intense to you, because of the slamming the biting and snarling, should you intervene? Well, it's important for you to know if the behavior is all in good fun, or it is starting to become more than just a game when play fighting dogs will voluntarily make themselves vulnerable by falling down and allowing themselves to be caught when playing chase.

And even taking turns with other dogs to chase after each other, when they play fight, they often come back for more, and they will not want to stop playing chase.

Games will usually involve dogs being the chaser and the one being chased.

However, there may be some dogs who just want to chase no matter what.

So here are some typical signs that let you know that the dogs are playing.

The first is dropping into a play bow, you might see your dog, put his front legs on the ground and his back end in the air as he faces.

His opponent even really exuberant dogs might even slap their front legs on the ground.

This shows the other dog that he's ready to play smiling.

You know, when your dog is happy, you could literally see it in their expression.

You might actually see him looking as if he's grinning as he races around.

Remember, these are intelligent sentient beings with actual emotions, exaggerated growling or barking.

This can sound intense and even scary.

But if other behaviors show you that the dogs are just having fun, then there really is no reason to be alarmed.

The truth is your dog has many different vocalizations that you will begin to learn.

Those owners who are in tune with their dogs are instinctively able to distinguish between a happy bark a distress call or even an aggressive growl.

But just as there are signs of good play fighting.

There are also signs that tell you it is more than just a game when it starts to become more serious.

The dogs bodies will get very stiff, their mouths will be closed.

And they may even give a low warning ground.

The dog's movements will also be very efficient and quick.

Hey, hey, stop.

It Kalia.

She submitted leave her alone.

And at this point, there will be no taking turns one or both will definitely look like.

They are not to play along as in the case of Kalia Kalia.

This is where you must step in, especially for a large dominant breed.

Czar was the top female in the pack originally, but Asha and Kalia are reminding her that her position has now changed on the homestead for now Zara is not challenging them and it's all fun and games.

We'll see if that changes as she gets settled in.

But remember, at the end of the day, the humans are the alphas.

And what you say must be obeyed.

Our motto is command and if necessary demand, but here's, a great time to get your feedback, I can certainly tell you I know, the difference in my Corsos behavior and their vocal inflections, whether they are playing or whether it's escalating.

If your dog was in another room and he barked or growled, could you infer what he was trying to tell you do you think you have a good sense of how your dog behaves to know whether he's playfully engaging or doing something else, inquiring minds want to know let me know your thoughts in the comments, Dora, you can't, take it with you Dora, leave, it alone.

Let's go come on.

So this was just a trial run with four additional females.

And yet another male to reintroduce into the pack things are certainly going to get interesting, especially since we're all getting used to our new normal here on the homestead and in the new world, but we're staying encouraged and we're staying safe and above all else, we're a pack that stays together.

Thank you again for tuning in and following us on our journey.

If you appreciated the video leave us a like feel free to share your respectful thoughts in the comment section don't, forget to subscribe and ring that notification bell.

And as always we'll see you in the next video next time on twelve Titans kennels, you.


Where are Cane Corsos most popular? ›

The Cane Corso is the most Googled dog breed in 46 US states, including District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Connecticut, Idaho, and Kentucky. There are a massive 90,500 estimated Google searches for the breed per month in Florida.

What is a Cane Corso worth? ›

A purebred Cane Corso from a breeder can cost between $1,500 to $4,000. For rarer coat colors you could expect prices in the range of $2,000-5,000 or more. The lifetime cost of owning a Cane Corso can vary significantly based on things like their health, grooming needs, and overall lifestyle.

Is A Cane Corso better than a Pit Bull? ›

The cane corso is also an excellent guard dog and a loving family member. On the other hand, if you have ample space at home or a yard, the American pit bull terrier will be a fantastic choice. A pit bull can be protective of its family and eager to please.

What is the most popular dog in the world? ›

#1: Labrador Retrievers

Labrador Retrievers are among the most popular dogs in the world for many reasons. One of these is their ability to keep up with active owners. Labs love running through streams and even swimming in pools and lakes, and they're also great at carrying loads.

What is the rarest Cane Corso color? ›

The rarest coat color of them all is the straw cane corso. It features a unique white and cream-colored coat with some black and gray pigments thrown into the mix. The AKC describes it as “a light yellow or cream color with no mask, and the nose is most often a faded brown color or black.”

What color Cane Corso is more expensive? ›

Coat Color: The coat color of a Cane Corso can affect its price. Rare coat colors, such as blue cane corso or fawn, can be more expensive than common coat colors such as black or brindle.

What is the average lifespan of a Cane Corso dog? ›

The Cane Corso lifespan is approximately 9–12 years, which is a little longer than average for a giant-breed dog.

Who should not own a Cane Corso? ›

DON'T GET A CANE CORSO if you can't give him a job. This breed needs mental stimulation, in addition to regular training and exercise. Whether her job is greeting customers at a store, herding animals on a farm or helping you take care of your children daily, this breeds needs to do something.

Do Cane Corsos turn on their owners? ›

Cane Corsos can be aggressive and attack their owners if they haven't had the proper training. Typically, Cane Corsos are very loyal and loving toward family members. However, if owners don't assert dominance over the Cane Corso, they might become aggressive.

Are Cane Corsos difficult to own? ›

Cane Corsos are a challenging breed and are not generally a good fit for inexperienced dog owners.

What dog is stronger than a Cane Corso? ›

Both Cane Corso and Kangal have strong bite forces, but the Kangal generally has a stronger bite force than a Cane Corso. According to various sources, a Cane Corso's bite force is estimated to be around 700 pounds per square inch (PSI), while a Kangal's bite force is estimated to be around 743 PSI.

What dog is bigger than a Cane Corso? ›

Boerboels are generally larger than Cane Corsos. Although the Boerboel and the Cane Corso have many similarities, there are some other variations that can help you tell the Boerboel and the cane Corso apart.

What dog is close to a Cane Corso? ›

The Presa Canario and the Cane Corso are often mistaken for each other, as they occasionally share a similar fawn coloration and overall appearance. Both are classified as large breed dogs and have a short coat of fur with little shedding.

How popular is the Cane Corso in the US? ›

They analyzed the number of searches for more than 280 different breeds of dogs across all 50 states. The results revealed that the Cane Corso is America's most Googled dog breed and is searched for 1.32 million times on average each month. It was found to be the most searched-for dog breed in 46 out of 50 states.

What is the most popular dog in Florida? ›

Florida. The German shepherd is the number one favorite dog breed in Florida, followed by the Labrador, and then the golden.

Why are Cane Corsos so popular? ›

21, experts say members of the cane corso breed are known for being protective and can weigh more than 110 pounds. But the “imposing” dog also has a sense of family loyalty, the American Kennel Club said on its website.

Are Cane Corsos popular in the UK? ›

Although Cane Corsos are a pretty rare breed in the UK, they're fairly popular with our customers.

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