Unveiling the Concrete Truck: Capacity, Costs, and Considerations (2023)


Concrete trucks, also known as cement or mixer trucks, play a pivotal role in construction by transporting essential ingredients like cement, sand, gravel, and water to create concrete. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the crucial aspects of concrete trucks, addressing questions about capacity, pouring time, costs, and considerations for various project sizes.

Concrete Truck Capacity

The capacity of a concrete truck can vary, typically ranging between 9 and 14 cubic yards. Smaller trucks may hold 6-8 cubic yards, while larger counterparts can accommodate up to 16 cubic yards. Understanding the capacity is vital for project planning, ensuring the right amount of concrete is available.

How many yards of concrete does a truck hold?

A standard concrete truck holds around 10 cubic yards, but larger trucks may reach up to 14 cubic yards. The capacity is contingent on the truck's size and type, with smaller trucks accommodating less and larger ones handling more.

Pouring Efficiency

The time it takes to pour a truckload of concrete depends on several factors, including job site conditions and crane lifting capacity. On level sites with optimal crane positioning, it takes approximately 1 hour to pour a truckload. However, uneven terrain or multiple pour locations can extend this timeframe.

Cost Analysis

Understanding the cost of a concrete truckload is paramount for budgeting. The average cost per cubic yard is $80, resulting in a truckload ranging from $960 to $1440. However, factors like concrete strength, supplier, and location contribute to cost variations.

How much does a truckload of concrete cost?

On average, a truckload of concrete costs $100 to $150 per cubic yard. Factors such as concrete type and location influence these costs. For instance, concrete in Los Angeles may be pricier than in San Diego.

Project Specifics: Driveways

Concrete driveways are popular due to durability and low maintenance. The number of concrete trucks required depends on the driveway's size.

5,000 square foot driveway

For a 5,000 square foot driveway, approximately 25 concrete trucks are needed. Costs vary based on concrete type and project location.

10,000 square foot driveway

Assuming a truck holds 10 cubic yards, filling a 10,000 square foot driveway requires around 1,000 concrete trucks. Rapid pouring, about two minutes per truck, ensures efficiency.

20,000 square foot driveway

A 20,000 square foot driveway typically necessitates around 20 concrete trucks. Adjustments may be needed based on depth and other project-specific factors.

Concrete Load Details

Understanding the specifics of a concrete truckload aids in project planning.

Average cost of a concrete truckload

The average cost of a concrete truckload is approximately $100, covering concrete, truck, and labor. Concrete itself costs about $75, the truck around $25, and labor an additional $25.

Cubic yards in a truckload of concrete

A standard concrete truckload usually contains about 20 cubic yards.

Square yards poured with a truckload

With 10 cubic yards per truckload, approximately 73.3 square yards can be covered. Understanding this metric aids in determining the required number of truckloads for a specific project.


What size concrete truck do I need?

Truck size depends on the project, with larger commercial trucks suitable for extensive work and smaller residential trucks ideal for more modest projects.

How much does a cubic yard of concrete cost in Texas?

Concrete costs vary based on quality and supplier location, ranging from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars per cubic yard.

How many yards of concrete can you carry in a drum?

South Carolina allows individuals to carry 8 cubic yards of concrete in a drum.

How much is a yard of concrete in a truckload?

A standard truckload of concrete is 10 cubic yards.

How many bags of concrete in a yard?

Typically, there are about 41 bags of concrete in a cubic yard.

In conclusion, mastering the intricacies of concrete trucks empowers project managers and homeowners alike. From understanding capacities to estimating costs, this guide provides a comprehensive resource for anyone involved in construction projects.

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