Unveiling Excellence: Premium Refurbished EZGO Golf Carts (2023)

Elevate Your Golf Experience with Our 'Good As New' Refurbished Golf Carts

Discover the epitome of excellence in golf cart refurbishment with our 'Good As New' EZGO Golf Carts. As an authorized EZGO UK dealership, we pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled quality and performance. Each refurbished golf cart undergoes a meticulous overhaul using only genuine EZGO spare parts, ensuring longevity and reliability.

Impeccable Refurbishment Process

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our comprehensive refurbishment process. From the exterior to the core components, every aspect is scrutinized and perfected.

Exterior Rejuvenation

  • Full Steam Wash: All external trim and body panels are removed for a thorough steam wash, eliminating old grime and debris.
  • Rust Treatment: Exposed areas of chassis with rust are sanded, treated, primed, and resprayed in black for a pristine appearance.

Mechanical Precision

  • Wiring Loom Integrity: A meticulous check and test ensure no broken wires or corroded connections.
  • Controller Health Check: Rigorous examination to ensure fault-free operation and customization of speed/acceleration to customer preferences.
  • Suspension and Steering: Bushes, components, and steering undergo checks and replacements for optimal performance.
  • Bearing Renewal: All bearings, including front hubs and rear axle, are replaced to guarantee smooth operation.

Comprehensive Component Replacement

  • Gear Case and Oil: Replacement of gear case oil with the correct grade for improved differential life and performance.
  • Tyre Perfection: Wear-checked, cracked tyres replaced, ensuring each cart is supplied with like-new tyres.
  • Battery System Upgrade: Choose between our high-performance 56Ah Lithium Ion Battery or a set of 4 new AGM Batteries.

Unmatched Battery Choices: Lithium vs. AGM

Lithium-ion Battery

Experience the future with our Lithium-ion battery, offering:

  • High Energy Density: Potential for higher capacities.
  • Lightweight Advantage: Reduces overall vehicle weight by almost 50%.
  • Low Maintenance: No scheduled cycling required, with low self-discharge.
  • Extended Lifespan: Lasts between 15 & 20 years when used correctly.

AGM Battery

For those valuing reliability and power, AGM batteries provide:

  • Spill-Proof Design: Acid encapsulation in matting technology.
  • Fast Charging: Up to five times faster charge than flooded technology.
  • Long Service Life: Lasts between 5 & 8 years when used correctly.

Your Path to Excellence: The EZGO RXV Refurbished Golf Cart

Dive into the pinnacle of golf cart perfection with our showcased product:

  • EZGO RXV with Platinum Panels: A prime example of excellence, featuring new platinum panels.
  • Lithium Battery: Opt for the 56Ah Lithium Ion Battery for a cutting-edge, hassle-free power source.
  • Cost: £4,844 + VAT, inclusive of a fully serviced cart with new body panels.

Unrivaled Availability and Pricing

Available for Purchase or Hire

  • Purchase Price: £4,844.00 (Excl. Tax) | £5,812.80 (Incl. Tax)
  • Hire Option: Experience excellence without commitment.


Elevate your golfing experience with our 'Good As New' EZGO Golf Carts. Choose excellence, choose reliability, and immerse yourself in the pinnacle of refurbished golf cart perfection. Explore our range, make the wise choice, and redefine your golfing journey today.

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