Unique DIY Concrete Planters: 21 Creative Ideas to Elevate Your Green Space (2024)

Crafting unique DIY concrete planters offers an artistic avenue to enhance your space while showcasing your creativity. From classic designs to avant-garde creations, here are 21 innovative ideas to inspire your concrete planter projects:

1. Cement Balloon Planters

Construct intriguing round planters by molding cement around balloons. Despite their sophisticated appearance, these planters are remarkably simple to create, offering a chic addition to any indoor or outdoor setting.

2. Pigmented Mini Cement Balloon Planters

Experiment with darker hues and smaller balloons to craft miniature pigmented balloon planters, adding an aura of elegance to your green space.

3. Make A Silicone Mold For A Cement Planter From An Object

Utilize silicone molds made from various objects to fashion distinctive concrete planters. The flexibility of silicone molds allows for replicating shapes effortlessly, ideal for artisanal creators.

4. Make A Silicone Concrete Planter Mold From PVC

Leverage PVC pipes to fabricate versatile round concrete planter molds, enabling customization in size and shape, amplifying the potential for personalized designs.

5. How To Make A Colored Cement Planter in Pink!

Infuse vibrancy into your space with pink-hued cement planters, providing a striking contrast against lush greenery for a visually captivating display.

6. Green Marbled DIY Concrete Planter

Craft visually intriguing marbled concrete planters by skillfully blending white concrete with acrylic paint, adding an artistic touch to your garden or interior.

7. How To Make A Triangle Concrete Planter Mold For A DIY Planter

Embrace modernity with geometric-shaped concrete planters created using corrugated plastic molds, allowing for customization and artistic expression.

8. DIY Magnetic Cement Planters

Craft charming magnetic concrete planters, a simple yet endearing gift idea that complements any space and adds a touch of uniqueness.

9. DIY Burlap Bag Concrete Planter

Repurpose burlap bags to fashion textured concrete planters, presenting a rustic aesthetic and making for thoughtful holiday gifts adorned with festive ribbons.

10. Cement Egg Planters For Easter

Celebrate Easter with eggshell-inspired cement planters, serving as delightful table decor or charming gifts for guests, adding a whimsical touch to the festivities.

11. Ribbed DIY Concrete Planter For Christmas

Capture the essence of the holiday season by crafting ribbed concrete planters painted in festive colors, ideal for decorative gifting during Christmas.

12. Make A DIY Faux Rock Planter From Cement

Create lightweight faux rock planters by sculpting cement around foam cores, lending a natural aesthetic to your green space while showcasing your craftsmanship.

13. DIY Cement Stone Shaped Planter

Fashion smooth stone-inspired planters using stockings as molds, offering versatility in design and a visually appealing addition to any setting.

14. Other Unique Handmade Concrete Planters

Unleash limitless creativity with one-of-a-kind concrete planters, personalized through color, shape, and size variations, ensuring each piece stands as a unique art form.

15. DIY Self Watering Planter Made With Concrete

Craft self-watering concrete planters incorporating a wicking mechanism, offering a convenient solution for maintaining optimal plant hydration during extended absences.

16. 3D Cement Tile Planter Box

Construct planter boxes using concrete tiles molded from various patterns, combining functionality with aesthetic appeal for a distinctive gardening solution.

17. Transform A Plastic Plant Pot Into A Durable Planter

Elevate the appearance of plastic pots by transforming them into durable concrete planters, showcasing creative decoupage designs for an eye-catching finish.

18. How To Make A Cement Planter With A Succulent Design -In Relief

Craft intricate designs on concrete planters using silicone materials, allowing for detailed reliefs that enhance the visual appeal of your greenery.

19. Homemade Cement Succulent Planter

Repurpose unconventional molds, like Dollar Tree finds, to create multi-compartment succulent planters, offering a unique twist to traditional planting methods.

20. Cement Draped Fabric Flower Pot

Experiment with fabric-draped concrete planters, achieving textured finishes by utilizing towels or t-shirts, providing an artistic touch to your gardening endeavors.

21. Concrete Wine Cork Planters

Craft miniature concrete planters using wine corks, an inventive way to display single-stem succulents, ideal for both indoor and outdoor settings.


Indulge in the artistry of creating bespoke concrete planters, each design a testament to individual creativity. Explore these 21 unique DIY ideas to infuse personality into your green space and elevate your gardening endeavors.

Unique DIY Concrete Planters: 21 Creative Ideas to Elevate Your Green Space (2024)
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