Tiny House Nation: Why Did the Show Get Canceled? (2023)

TV series in the US get canceled early only if the show is not doing well. It’s often due to budgetary reasons or because of bad ratings. TV shows get canceled for different reasons, and the cancellation comes in different ways. Many curious tiny home lovers have unanswered questions about what happened to the popular reality show ‘Tiny House Nation.’ In March 2020, while we were eagerly waiting for the sixth season of Tiny House Nation, the production went on hold, and cancellation rumors escalated. In this article, we try to understand what happened and why there was a cancellation. However, if you are interested in getting a tiny home, then TinyHouseMe can connect you with established tiny home builders likeCustom Container Living,American Tiny House, and BOSS Tiny House.

A brief about the Tiny House Nation

In all the five seasons of the reality TV show, we followed host John Weisbarth and renovation expert Zack Giffin who traveled around the US to find people looking to build their tiny homes. This was a fresh take as people who appeared on TV shared the vision of living simply and affordably. The show had a different genre of people looking to downsize, from young singles to families. In every episode, Zack and John met with a homeowner and showed them 3 different home designs for a tiny house. The homeowner decided on the best design, and then they started off with the project. Although every home was less than 500 sq feet, the designs were all innovative, with clever storage ideas to maximize the usage of the small space.

Is the show canceled?

Tiny House Nation was a huge hit, but there are rumors of the show being canceled. However, there are no official announcements from the FYI network or the team on whether the show was put on hold or canceled. As per an articlefromscreenrat.com,since 2020, FYI has not yet put out any statements on the show. While the whole world was anxiously waiting for the show’s sixth season, there were rumors that the show got canceled for a year.

However, there is still hope for the show’s fans as the network listed ‘Tiny House Nation’ in its long list of shows currently airing, and they haven’t yet made an official statement that says otherwise. Since 2014, Tiny House Nation has been going strong, with over 50 episodes and 5 seasons.

What were the problems?

Tiny House Nation had its debut in 2014 on the FYI network. The show followed homeowners looking to downsize into tiny spaces no larger than 500 square feet. However, some people have claimed the show was a fairytale far from reality. This happened because, in season two, two episodes caused a lot of controversies.

In one episode, the tiny house that belonged to a couple gets stolen. The house was parked on land while the crew worked on the tiny home. After the crew left for the day and returned the next morning, the house was gone. According to the couple on the show, the house was stolen by a couple of teens hiding inside while they were filming. However, the police found the trailer with some damage done.

Another episode was aired where there were accusations that the TV show lied about helping a family build their home as a fundraiser for their daughter, who was battling cancer. Although there is no evidence that the story is false, a few people questioned the credibility after reading an article where Tiny House Nation was sued for fraud and breach of contract as they misrepresented themselves as a charity organization.


Episode 12 of the TV show featured a tiny home for Robert and Dana, who were expecting their firstborn and wanted to save money on rent to afford a home with their newborn baby once Dana quits her profession. The episode began with the couple packing their belongings and moving into an apartment, preparing for the move-in date. The couple was shown loading up boxes and furniture but never arrived at the tiny house. Instead, they filmed loading up extra stuff in U-Haul and driving off in an RV with the newborn baby, not exactly what one can expect from a couple who had moved inside a luxury tiny home with many possessions that are already inside.


What is the TV show Tiny House Nation?

The show is FYI reality TV series on home renovation and is hosted by Zack Giffin and John Weisbarth. The series follows Americans interested in building their tiny homes. The 5th season takes them across the US to meet new families, hoping to build their tiny homes small on space but big on aesthetics and design.

Will Tiny House Nation be back?

Since there was no cancellation notice from FYI, nor did the network announce publicly to end the production, the show can return. However, the show has not released any new episodes since 2018, which can mean that a comeback is less likely.

Why was the TV show canceled?

There were no public statements on why the network stopped airing the episodes of Tiny House Nation. However, the last episode aired in 2020, which might mean they wanted to attempt a different type of show to replace Tiny House Nation.


Tiny House Nation covered innumerable homes to show how a tiny space can make a perfect home. You can still watch the show on Netflix and decide whether it’s worth investing in a tiny home. TinyHouseMe connects you with not one but multiple tiny home builders under one platform. Connect faster with established builders like Custom Container Living, Homestead Log Homes, Forever Tiny Homes, Kubed Living, LUV Homes, and more – via TinyHouseMe. We book an appointment with the builders instantly and help you get financing and planning for the project.


What happened to the show Tiny House Nation? ›

Why was the TV show canceled? There were no public statements on why the network stopped airing the episodes of Tiny House Nation. However, the last episode aired in 2020, which might mean they wanted to attempt a different type of show to replace Tiny House Nation.

Did Tiny House Nation end? ›

Is Tiny House Hunters cancelled? ›

While Tiny House Hunters was never officially cancelled, it is unlikely we'll see new episodes. The show is still listed on HGTV's website, but it's likely that's due to the affiliation with House Hunters. Keep an eye on the HGTV TV schedule to see if Tiny House reruns are airing any time soon.

Is there a season 6 of Tiny House Nation? ›

Watch Tiny House Nation Season 6 | Prime Video.

What is John Weisbarth doing now? ›

John's career began in sports broadcasting as the host of the San Diego Padres pre and post game shows. More recently he has shown his versatility as the host of Tiny House Nation on A&E and Netflix by helping families prepare for the extreme downsizing it takes to live in less then 500 sq ft.

Do the Tiny House Nation hosts live in tiny houses? ›

Zack is a professional skier and contractor who is co-host of Tiny House Nation. He has so much love for tiny homes that he built a mobile tiny ski house for himself, and has lived in it full-time for years. Each winter Zack moves his tiny home to powdery slopes across the country.

How much do people pay for houses on Tiny House Nation? ›

Q: How much do tiny houses cost? Weisbarth: The most economical house we built was $40,000. There's a perception that you can build your own tiny house for $8,000 to $12,000, and while that may be possible, that requires doing the labor yourself and getting material donated.

Are tiny houses losing popularity? ›

The tiny home market was valued at $2.72 billion in 2020.

This statistic is a testament to the growing popularity of tiny homes. It shows that the tiny home market is thriving and that more and more people are choosing to downsize their living space.

How many years do tiny homes last? ›

Tiny homes can last between 30 and 50 years with careful maintenance. Naturally, many different things will affect this, such as the materials used to build it and the construction method. A tiny home without a base typically breaks down faster than those on wheels.

Is tiny house hunting fake? ›

Tiny House Hunting is a reality TV show, and while the homeowners and real estate agents featured in the series are real, there are definitely scripted moments.

How many House Hunters couples get divorced? ›

Real drama. But don't discount "House Hunters" as a show with no drama. I'd estimate 80 percent of the couples featured on the show file for divorce within four weeks of filming.

Is Tiny Luxury still filming? ›

Is Tiny Luxury Cancelled? Season 4 of Tiny Luxury was set to release in May of 2020, but the season never arrived. Whether filming or the new season was halted because of the ongoing pandemic is unknown, but there's no official cancellation notice for Tiny Luxury.

Who are the two guys on Tiny House Nation? ›

Tiny House Nation takes renovation experts John Weisbarth and Zack Giffin across America to help design and construct tiny dream homes in spaces under 500 square feet.

Is Tiny House Nation on Netflix? ›

Tiny House Nation began streaming on Netflix in August 2019.

Who narrates Tiny House Nation? ›

Hosted by John Weisbarth and Zack Giffin, the show chronicles the journey of folks looking to “go tiny.”

Where can I watch all 5 seasons of Tiny House Nation? ›

Tiny House Nation, a how-to series is available to stream now. Watch it on Freevee, Hulu, Sling TV - Live Sports, News, Shows + Freestream, Prime Video or Vudu on your Roku device.

What channel is Tiny House Nation on TV? ›

Where can I watch Tiny House Nation Season 4? ›

Streaming, rent, or buy Tiny House Nation – Season 4:

Currently you are able to watch "Tiny House Nation - Season 4" streaming on The Roku Channel for free with ads or buy it as download on Amazon Video, Vudu, Google Play Movies, Apple TV.

Where can I watch Tiny House Nation Season 3? ›

Watch Tiny House Nation Season 3 | Prime Video.

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