Los Angeles Chargers (2024)

How do I purchase a parking pass for the 2024 season?

Season Ticket Members eligible to purchase on-site season parking will be emailed more details on the purchasing process in early July 2024. Eligible members will be provided with a specific date and time to secure a parking pass for certain lots through their Chargers Account Manager.

How can I access my parking pass?

All parking passes will be mobile, and will be accessible through your Chargers Account via the Chargers App. For more information on ticket management please click here to view our mobile ticketing guide.

What are Parking Zones?

Parking Zones consist of multiple parking lots situated throughout Hollywood Park. Ticket holders will be assigned a color-coded parking pass that corresponds to a particular Parking Zones and designated parking zone entrance. The Parking Zones and corresponding parking lots are as follows:

When do parking lots open?

Parking lots open 4 hours prior to kickoff. We highly recommend that you arrive early to avoid traffic delays.

How long will my parking spot be held?

Your parking pass guarantees parking within the designated parking zone until 1 hour prior to kickoff. If you arrive later than 1 hour prior to kickoff you may be redirected to park in a zone other than the zone in which you originally purchased.

When do parking lots close on gameday at SoFi Stadium?

Parking lots close 1 hour after the end of the game.

What is the cost of a parking pass?

Season parking varies.

What games are included in my 2024 season parking?

Your season parking will include 2 Preseason and 8 Regular Season Games.

What if I don't have a smartphone? How do I access my parking pass?

Parking passes are mobile only and can only be managed through your Chargers Account Manager. Don't have a smartphone? You can utilize another member of your party's smart phone to present your pass.

Can I screenshot my parking pass on my mobile phone?

No, screenshots of parking passes will not be accepted.

How do I park with my parking pass?

Each parking zone is associated with a mobile color below.

PINK ZONE is the ONLY parking lot that is allowed to tailgate. There's also a limited amount of oversized vehicle parking in the PINK ZONE.

Blue, Brown, Green, Orange, Purple Zones, Stadium VIP and East VIP are a no tailgating zone.

What is considered an oversized vehicle?

Oversize vehicles are defined as Recreation Vehicles (RV), Limousines, Shuttles, Buses, motorcoaches or any motor vehicle that resembles the aforementioned vehicle descriptions. Please note that an oversized parking pass in the PINK ZONE – (Lot P only) is required to park onsite.

Can I purchase a single game parking pass?

On-site parking passes will first be sold on a season basis to season ticket members. If additional inventory is available, single game parking may be available.

Is motorcycle parking available?

Motorcycles are permitted in all lots with the presentation of a valid parking pass. Parking passes are the same for both motorcycles and regular sizes vehicles, and do not differ in availability or price.

Can I transfer my parking pass?

You can transfer your parking pass through your Chargers Account Manager.

Can I post my parking pass for resale?

You can post your parking pass for resale through your Chargers Account Manager.

Can I choose my parking spot in my zone?

Guests are able to select the parking zone they purchase but not a specific space. Parking staff will be present to direct you to available spaces and their instructions should be followed at all times.

Is accessible parking available?

Yes, accessible parking is available to individuals with a valid parking pass on a first come, first served basis in all parking zones. Guests with a valid accessible license plate or hangtag combined with a parking pass will be directed to park in an accessible parking space. The individual whom the accessible license plate or hang tag was issued to must be present, violators may be subject to enforcement by law enforcement personnel.

If I have limited mobility and need stadium assistance getting to the gate, how do I get help?

Limited mobility carts are available for guests needing assistance in the Purple and Pink Zones. Once parking gates open, guests will be picked up near the ADA marked stalls in the Purple and Pink Zones and dropped off near Entry 10.

At the end of the game, limited courtesy mobility carts will pick you up from the same drop off location to return to the ADA marked stalls in the Purple and Pink Zones.

Will there be a place to use the bathroom in the parking lot?

Yes, you will have access to porta potties in all parking lots. The porta potties will be located in centralized locations throughout each lot. Primarily at the end caps of the parking aisle.

Are there other options for guests needing accommodations?

Guests can arrive via Paratransit to SoFi Stadium. Accommodations through Paratransit are required. Learn More

What rideshare or drop off options are available?

Uber, Lyft and Taxis are available for guests who choose to use this option.

Guests using rideshare services, taxi, limo, buses and shuttles may be dropped off on the north curbside lane on Kareem Court. Drivers should access Kareem Court via westbound Pincay Drive and follow traffic control instructions.

Are bike racks available?

SoFi Stadium encourages fans to arrive through alternate modes of transportation, to support fans arriving via alternate transportation bike racks are available in parking lots throughout SoFi Stadium.

If I take a bird or electric scooter, where can I drop it off?

Electric scooters are not permitted in the City of Inglewood and are not allowed on site. We do not recommend coming on game days with an electric scooter.

Do the parking lots have charging stations?

Charging stations are not available in SoFi Stadium lots at this time. Please plan accordingly.

Is offsite parking available?

Onsite Parking will be limited and will be pre sold and require a parking pass, for fans that do not have onsite parking we strongly encourage you to pre purchase offsite parking through IPARK & GO. The shuttles will start 3 hours prior to kickoff and conclude 2 hours after the game ends.

Will street parking be available?

There is no street parking for events within the City of Inglewood. The City of Inglewood has a residential parking permit program in effect for all city streets. Neighborhood and street parking are by permit only and will be strictly enforced through ticketing, citations and/or towing.

Will valet parking be available for games?

Only if you have a platinum parking pass. Valet parking will not be available in the outer parking lots.

Do I need to enter through a specific area if I'm walking to the stadium from rideshare, offsite parking or public transportation?

Pedestrian sidewalks accompany all streets in and around SoFi Stadium. Guests do not need to enter the stadium property through a specific area.

I don't have an on-site parking pass but would like to join a friend or family member's tailgate. Can I walk into a tailgating lot?

Yes, guests with valid game tickets may walk into tailgating lots but must do so to join an existing tailgate and stay within the allotted tailgating space.

Who can I reach out if I need additional assistance?

You can reach a Chargers Guest Services Representative at 877 CHARGERS (242-7437) ext. 2 as well as guest.services@chargers.nfl.com.

What do I do if I need emergency assistance?

If you need emergency assistance, please text HWPK to 69050.

Los Angeles Chargers (2024)
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