HomeLight Simple Sale Reviews: Everything You Need to Know About HomeLight Cash Offers (2023)

HomeLight Simple Sale Reviews: Everything You Need to Know About HomeLight Cash Offers (1)

HomeLight Simple Sale lets sellers receive competitive offers from a network of pre-approved buyers. This simplifies the selling process and potentially eliminates the need for repairs or showings.

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  • HomeLight Cash Offers gives you a guaranteed 10-day closing window
  • They have a wide network of Realtors and real estate companies who can help close on your home


  • You may not get the full market value for your property

HomeLight is a real estate website and company that uses the latest tech-driven data to create a vast network of buyers, sellers, and agents. They provide top professional agents to help sell/buy a house.

HomeLight Simple Sale is a platform of HomeLight dedicated to getting instant cash offers on homes. Also known as Homelight Cash Offers, this platform uses accurate neighborhood data combined with local experts (real estate agents) to give you the best cash offer on the house. However, you may get a lowball offer.

An MLS listing on a cash buyer marketplace like Houzeo can get you 100% of your property's value. With Houzeo, your listing can be on the MLS within 24 hours. Moreover, you can compare offers from multiple cash buyers, instead of settling for just one lowball offer.

What is HomeLight Simple Sale?

HomeLight Simple Sale is an all-cash offer platform where a seller can sell their homes quickly. A seller can sell a house 'as-is' even if a house is in poor conditions. HomeLight uses local neighbourhood data and local professional agents in your area to put up a genuine cash offer on your home. HomeLight Cash Offers is the perfect tool when you want to sell your home in a financial crisis.

Traditionally, selling your home through listing via an agent or agency is a lengthy and complicated process. It involves a lot of paperwork, middlemen commissions and a longer closing window. HomeLight Simple Sale is the one-stop shop solution if you don't have time for these procedures.

HomeLight Simple Sale gets you a cash offer on your home within 48 hours. Normally, a traditional sale involves listing your home on the local MLS for sale. Then you get an offer on your home which takes a formidable amount of time. Further, you have to repair any damages to the house if any to display it accurately on the market. After this when the sale is finalized, the closing window is generally at least 20-30 days. During this process, you must keep up with the paperwork at all the necessary steps.

Why HomeLight Cash Offers?

HomeLight Cash Offers will rescue you if you don't have any time for a lengthy process. This platform also claims to provide an honest estimation of your home through HomeLight Simple Sale compared to you listing your home on the MLS.

Besides this, as an extra bonus, HomeLight Simple Sale suggests the top-rated agents in your locality who sell the most at your home's price range. This in turn will help you get better educated about your home's offering if at all you are interested in listing through your top local agent. If you wish to ignore this, there's always the possibility of getting an instant cash offer.

HomeLight Simple Sale also guarantees a closing window of only 10 days. Ultimately, the best feature of this platform is that you can sell your home AS-IS, without any liable repairs or renovations.

🧠Keep in Mind: The National Association of Realtors®️ have concluded due to research that cash sales increased from 16% in 2020 to 23% in 2021. This is because of a spike in companies offering cash for homes instantly. Also, average cost for selling a house nationally is $31,308 with an average spend of $5,500 for pre-listing preparations itself. Another important thing to remember is that compared to traditionally listing your home for sale you generally get a lower price when you 'sell your house as-is'.

💰Cash Offer on a House: Here's Why you should consider it?

How Does HomeLight Cash Offer Work?

A Step by Step guide will help you comprehend the process easily;

🌟Step 1: Fill out the Home's Address

You have to enter your home's address on the HomeLight Simple Sale portal viz, https://www.homelight.com/simple

🌟Step 2: Enter details about your Property

After the previous step you are asked to add information about your home's current condition, necessary repairs and your required sale closing duration.

🌟Step 3: Analyse your Cash Offers and Seller Agent Options

At this step, HomeLight Simple Sale will give you an honest all-cash offer on your home without any agent commission or hidden fees. Besides this they provide comparative prices of listing your home through your area's top local agents. All this information will help you make a well educated decision.

🌟Step 4: Closing Time

The moment you accept the HomeLight Cash Offer on your home you can close the sale in as low as 10 days only. The best part of HomeLight Simple Sale is that you can sell your home in any condition nationwide.

🎩Top Real Estate Agents: America’s 10 Top Real Estate Agents You NEED to Know

Is HomeLight Simple Sale Legit?

Yes, HomeLight Simple Sale is completely legitimate and all cash offers through this platform are licit. Sell your house as is or list it through a top local agent in your area. Basically, this platform's primary goal is to match sellers with cash buyers or local real estate agents.

HomeLight Simple Sale for Buyers/Property Investors

HomeLight Simple Sale is a decent platform for investors who are scouting properties to invest in. They have an arsenal of top-rated agents who help keep the network of HomeLight Cash Offers strong.

HomeLight Simple Sale for Sellers

Home Cash Offers are prominent in getting you a Cash Offer on your home instantly. A HomeLight Simple Sale Rep will get in touch within 48 hours to know intact details about your home. HomeLight uses its buyer network to get all instant offers on the home for sale. This platform is of great use when you wish to sell your house instantly.

When Should You Use HomeLight Simple Sale?

The ultimate necessity to use this platform would arise when you want to sell your home instantly and get cash offers on the home.

Instant HomeLight Cash Offers would help get you cash offers fast when you don't have enough time to go through the process of a traditional sale. yes, a traditional sale might give you a better price on your home, but the important paperwork and home prep will not give you instant cash. Also, under most traditional sale circumstances, you cannot sell your House AS IS.

🏠 Selling a House AS IS: 8 Questions on Selling a House AS IS.

Conditions for When You Could Use HomeLight Cash Offers?

1. If Your Home Needs Obligatory Repairs Before Selling

When you sell your home as is to an investor, it is obvious you will get a cut of 50-60% lesser compared to selling your home repaired to the perfect condition. But then again, repairing and renovating the home also incurs a heavy cost. Selling a home in distress would result in the investor or buyer making a profit but HomeLight Simple Sale will give you a faster sale. In fact, a guarantee of 10 days closing window.

2. If You Want Access to Quick Cash

Suppose you are facing a very grave financial problem in life due to unforeseen circumstances or other life events. You are in dire need of finances in life. The HomeLight Cash Offers platform will help liquidize your property instantly into cash.

3. When You Want to Sell an Inherited Property

Inherited properties hold emotional value but practically, maintaining this property involves regular repairs and payment of property taxes. HomeLight Simple Sale is great for selling inherited properties.

If time is not your problem and you want your true home's price, you could list your home with Houzeo.com

A free listing service with a flat fee listing service. All in one place. Get your property listed now!

HomeLight Simple Sale Reviews: Everything You Need to Know About HomeLight Cash Offers (2)

HomeLight Simple Sale Reviews

HomeLight Cash Offer Reviews take up a fair amount of space on the internet. But considering all transparency we conclude that The HomeLight Simple Sale platform is helpful. The presence of positive reviews is more compared to negative reviews so it is only reasonable to check both sides of this coin.

HomeLight Cash Offer Reviews from Real Estate Companies

A lot of top-rated real estate brands, companies, and websites have passed a researched judgment on HomeLight and HomeLight Simple Sale.

Real Estate Witch by Clever Real Estate has written a blog about the HomeLight Simple Sale. Their HomeLight Cash Offer Reviews has great insights about this platform's intent and functioning. They have rated HomeLight Simple Sale, 4.5 stars out of 5.

Upnest.com also gives considerate HomeLight Simple Sale Reviews which balance towards the positive side.

HomeLight Cash Offer Reviews from Customers

✅Great Options for Top Professional Agents

HomeLight Simple Sale Reviews: Everything You Need to Know About HomeLight Cash Offers (3)

HomeLight Simple Sale offers a wide range of top professional agents to help make your sale faster, smoother and better. This realization came upon Luann when she did a sale for the first time through this platform.

✅Efficiently Fast Closing Durations

HomeLight Simple Sale Reviews: Everything You Need to Know About HomeLight Cash Offers (4)

The best advantage of HomeLight Cash Offers is their guaranteed 10-day closing window. Robert seems to have gotten the maximum advantage of this feature.

✅Strong Interconnection of Network between Realtors and Other Real Estate Companies

HomeLight Simple Sale Reviews: Everything You Need to Know About HomeLight Cash Offers (5)

Clearly, from this review, we can come to an understanding that HomeLight Simple Sale has a multiple-sourced network to help sell the home faster.

✅Optimum Website with multiple requirement specific options plus a great customer service

HomeLight Simple Sale Reviews: Everything You Need to Know About HomeLight Cash Offers (6)

HomeLight Simple Sale is easy to handle. They provide a quite decent service too. Moreover, you get to specify your needs and wants regarding the conditions of the home and sale.

❌Incompetent,Disorganized and Fraudulent Intent Detected

HomeLight Simple Sale Reviews: Everything You Need to Know About HomeLight Cash Offers (7)

Considering if the scenario above is real or not, we advise you strictly make reassuring background checks on the agent involved in the sale. Also, scan through all the terms and conditions of the sale.

❌Paid Promotion to balance any negative image

HomeLight Simple Sale Reviews: Everything You Need to Know About HomeLight Cash Offers (8)

Alternatives to HomeLight Simple Sale

Other than HomeLight Cash Offers there are a lot of other brands working parallel on the same terms. Tons of other companies like "We Buy Houses for Cash" companies and iBuyer(instant buyer) companies could be your other options too. But here we will strictly inform about companies that buy houses for cash instantly only. The advantage of ibuyers is that you would most definitely get 97-98% of the market price of your home's value. But this is a lengthier process

Here is a list of companies that buy houses for cash;

1. Houzeo



HomeLight Simple Sale Reviews: Everything You Need to Know About HomeLight Cash Offers (9)

  • Listing Fee: $349+
  • Available nationwide
  • HomeLight Simple Sale Reviews: Everything You Need to Know About HomeLight Cash Offers (10) 4.9/ 5.0(4,351 reviews)

Why It’s #1: Houzeo has thousands of 5-star reviews. It offers the best combination of maximum savings, advanced technology, 5-star customer support, and listing exposure.

Packages: Houzeo typically offers 4 Flat Fee MLS packages.

  • Bronze Package – $299+: It is the best for selling a lot. Your listing gets syndicated to Zillow, Trulia, Realtor, Redfin, and more.
  • Silver Package – $349+: This includes everything that home sellers typically look for.
  • Gold Package – $399+: It is Houzeo’s signature MLS package and includes all the technology Houzeo is known for Houzeo Showings, Houzeo Offers, and DigiTransact.
  • Platinum – $999+: It includes the assistance of a licensed broker to help you with negotiations, disclosures, and closing.

👉 Our Take: We recommend the GOLD plan. You’ll have all the access to Houzeo tech, making managing showings and offer negotiations easy!

» Houzeo Reviews: Houzeo is 100% online. You can finish listing formalities in less than 60 mins.

  • Near Nationwide Coverage: Houzeo covers47 states+ DC.
  • No Listing Agent Commission: With Houzeo, you only pay a small flat fee to list on MLS and get access to all the Houzeo tech.
  • 100% online:Easy listing, fast changes, onlineshowings, and online offers.
  • Max Exposure:Listings get syndicated to Zillow, Realtor.com, Trulia, Redfin, and 100s of otherreal estate sites.
  • Fast Listing:Rushlisting option gets you listed within a business day with Houzeo Concierge.
  • Real Estate On the Go:Houzeo Mobile App mimics most functionality of the Houzeo web platform, including Offers and Showings.
  • 5-Star Customer Service: Superb support that minimizes Houzeo complaints.
  • No Hidden Fees:There are noHouzeo hidden fees.

»Is Houzeo Legit: Learn more about Houzeo.com’s locations and services.

Houzeo has 4.9 out of 5 stars on Google & Trustpilot.

» Houzeo Reviews: Check out what customers have to say about Houzeo.

Houzeo is available nationwide.

Houzeo has a strong network of top real estate companies that buy houses for cash. Houzeo's ultra-wide coverage ensures your listed home is seen by every possible investor or buyer.

2. OpenDoor



HomeLight Simple Sale Reviews: Everything You Need to Know About HomeLight Cash Offers (11)

  • Service Fee: 5%
  • 📍 Coverage: 45 markets
  • HomeLight Simple Sale Reviews: Everything You Need to Know About HomeLight Cash Offers (12) 4.4/5(out of 3,066 reviews)

Opendoor is the country’s biggest iBuyer. They offer fast cash for homes and flexible closing timelines. Opendoor makes competitive offers, but these are far less than your property can get on the open market.

  • Service Fee:5% of Home Sale Price
  • Typical Offer: 70% to 100% of Fair Market Value (FMV)
  • Types of Properties Purchased: Opendoor offers cash for houses only in desirable neighborhoods. If your property needs minimal repairs, Opendoor is an option for you. Otherwise, you may not even receive a preliminary cash offer from Opendoor.
  • Closing Date & Offer Terms: Opendoor provides a flexible closings, with dates up to 45 days out. Opendoor’s offers are not flexible, and final terms may change after home inspection.
  • Limited Coverage: Opendoor only covers 51 markets.

🚩 You Should Know: For the ease of a fast cash offer and flexible closing, you may pay up to 13% of your home’s sale price in service fees.Opendoor’s final cash offer is calculated after deducting home repair costs and closing costs.

👉 Our Take: Opendoor could be the best company to sell your house fast if they purchase properties in your zip code. Remember—an MLS listing on Houzeo.com will automatically put you in front of Opendoor and other iBuyers for an instant cash offer.

» Opendoor Reviews: Everything you need to know about America’s biggest iBuyer

  • Excellent for experienced home sellers with desirable properties
  • The repair cost breakdown isn’t disclosed in the offer
  • Not suitable for first-timers or FSBO sellers
  • The sales process may feel rushed, and the home seller has negligible control over the sale
  • The difference between Opendoor’s preliminary offer vs. final offer can be humongous
  • Home sellers receive cash offers within 24-48 hours, only on the properties that are inOpendoor’s coverage.

Opendoor has an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 starson Reviews.io.

» Opendoor Review: Is Opendoor the best cash home buyer in 2023?

👎 Limited Coverage: Opendoor offers cash for houses only in 51 markets, and some of the top markets are Boston, Albuquerque, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Birmingham, Modesto & Stockton, Galveston, Miami, San Francisco, San Jose, etc.

👍 Rankings of Local Cash Buyers: In case Opendoor doesn’t cover your zip code, you can consider local companies that buy houses for cash:

Though OpenDoor is an iBuyer it also offers cash for homes with a Fair Market Vale. Alike to HomeLight Simple Sale, Opendoor also offers a very small and sometimes flexible closing window.

3. Express HomeBuyers

As-Is Cash Home Buyer Network

Express Homebuyers

HomeLight Simple Sale Reviews: Everything You Need to Know About HomeLight Cash Offers (13)

  • Service Fee: None
  • HomeLight Simple Sale Reviews: Everything You Need to Know About HomeLight Cash Offers (14) 4.2/5(out of 112 reviews)

Express Homebuyers is a real estate investor network that makes all-cash offers on houses. They specialize in dealing with sellers who don’t wish to make repairs and want to sell “as-is.”

  • Service Fee:None
  • Typical Offer:50% to 70% of Fair Market Value (FMV)
  • Eligible Properties: Distressed properties with structural issues, condemned properties, bad mortgage financing, inherited houses, etc.
  • Closing Offer Terms: Express Homebuyers purchases homes in under 7 days, or a convenient date of your choice.

👉 Our Take: Express Homebuyers is great to unload an extremely distressed property. However, if your house needs minimal repairs only, then you should consider listing on the MLS.

» Express Homebuyers Reviews:Is there really no service fee?

  • Fast Cash Offer:Express Homebuyers presents a preliminary cash offer within 7 minutes!
  • No Obligations Offers: You will get a free, no-obligation offer for your property even damaged ones.
  • Near Nationwide Coverage: Express Homebuyers offers cash for houses in almost all states, including top states like California, Texas, and Florida.
  • Flexible Closing Date: Closing dates can be finalized as per the owner’s terms.
  • No Additional Charges:Express Homebuyers has no service fees, they even pay the closing costs.
  • Sell As-Is: You save on repair costs, and sell your house as-is.

» What is Express Homebuyers?Read our in-depth analysis of Express Homebuyers.

  • Poor Customer Support:Previous clients have complained about their lack of communication and half-hearted responses.
  • Non-Negotiable Offer: Express Homebuyers will not offer more than 70% of your property’s fair market value.

Express Homebuyers has a rating of4.2 out of 5-starwith 112 reviews onGoogle Reviews.

» Express Homebuyers Review: Check out our exclusive reviews of Express Homebuyers.

4. WeBuyHouses


We Buy Houses

HomeLight Simple Sale Reviews: Everything You Need to Know About HomeLight Cash Offers (15)

  • Service Fee: None
  • Closing in 3 weeks
  • No credible reviews found.

Dealing with a cash buyer company like We Buy Houses (WeBuyHouses.com) is like selling your home to a local real estate investor. We Buy Houses “thoroughly” vets their investors before authorizing them to operate independent offices in their respective jurisdictions. This cash home buyer caters to distressed home sellers and is known to buy properties as-is.

  • Service Fee:None
  • Typical Offer: 50% to 70% of Fair Market Value (FMV)
  • Types of Properties Purchased: All kinds of ugly houses, i.e., distressed properties with structural issues, couples going through a divorce, a death in the family, flawed mortgage financing, inherited homes, high-crime neighborhoods, etc.
  • Closing Date & Offer Terms: We Buy Houses provides a flexible closing date, up to 60 days out. Offer terms are inflexible, but you can try negotiating for a better cash offer and terms.
  • Near-Nationwide Coverage: WeBuyHouses.com pays cash for houses in 2,700 cities nationwide.

🚩 You Should Know: We Buy Houses is a pre-vetted real estate investor network and operates on a franchise model. Some franchisee offices may use controversial tactics to close the cash transaction.

👉 Our Take: We Buy Houses operates franchises with independent, pre-vetted, local real estate investors. The quality of service depends on your location, so it’s best to check the customer reviews of the local We Buy Houses franchise before requesting a cash offer.

» We Buy Houses Reviews: Everything you need to know about WeBuyHouses.com

  • Get an offer within two days & close in just seven days
  • Private network of pre-vetted real estate investors
  • Once an offer has been made, there is little to no space for negotiation.
  • Most homes get paid less cash than the fair market value.
  • Only interested investors will evaluate your home full cash offer will be made for your house.
  • We Buy Houses’ final cash offer is usually in line with the preliminary cash offer unless the appraiser deducts anything during the home inspection.

👎 Zero Customer Reviews: We Buy Houses has no customer reviews on popular review sites like Google or Trustpilot.

👍Houzeo Reviews: Houzeo has a stellar rating of 5.0 stars on Google and 4.9 stars on Trustpilot.

We Buy Houses makes cash offers on houses in 49 states with 2,700 offices nationwide.

HomeLight Simple Sale Pros and Cons

😁Instant Cash Offer with a very fast closing

😁Huge Network of Top Professional & Local Agents

😁Systematized Website for better control

😁Zero Medium dependant Commission during the sale

😟Homes Sell for 30-50% below the Market Value

Should You Sell Your Home Through HomeLight Simple Sale?

The HomeLight Cash Offers platform is quite dependent in times of financial crisis. You will get instant preliminary cash offers within 48 hours maximum.

You even have an option of listing through your top local agent for a better sale price. Overall, We would recommend HomeLight Simple Sale provided you are completely aware of their system on your part.

HomeLight Simple Sale also offers a portal for investors or home buyers. Signing up firstly involves you adding your contact information and then about your real estate business. You are supposed to tell them if you are a licensed agent or not. When you are an investor it is expected that you should've at least bought and sold 10 properties. Lastly, they ask about your investment strategy and the types of listing services you offer.

Frequently Asked Questions About HomeLight Simple Sale

Is HomeLight Simple Sale Legit?

Yes, HomeLight Simple Sale is a legit platform for home sellers to get instant cash. It is an excellent service to get cash offers within a short period. Almost $1M worth of homes has been sold and bought through this platform.

How Much is HomeLight Simple Sale Commission?

HomeLight Simple Sale charges no extra commission to list your home on this platform. If you choose to sell through HomeLight Cash Offers you don't have to pay anything as medium obligatory price unless you choose a top real estate agent to list locally.

How Does HomeLight Simple Sale Work?

When you list a home through this platform, chances are you will already have a preliminary cash offer. Otherwise, a HomeLight Rep will contact you within a day and you will get cash offers in as less as 48 hours. A closing window of 10 days gives you a very fast sale on your home.

Related: cash buyer

Write a Review

HomeLight Simple Sale Reviews Real Estate Reviews


Is HomeLight cash offer legit? ›

Yes, HomeLight Simple Sale is completely legitimate and all cash offers through this platform are licit. Sell your house as is or list it through a top local agent in your area. Basically, this platform's primary goal is to match sellers with cash buyers or local real estate agents.

Is HomeLight com legit? ›

HomeLight is both legitimate and worthwhile. For instance, over 1,151,100 people have successfully used HomeLight to get a better outcome when buying or selling their homes. Additionally, HomeLight has a 4.72 out of 5-star customer review status with the Better Business Bureau.

What is HomeLight simple? ›

Homelight Simple Sale is an “as is” home selling offering. They claim to have a network of cash buyers and investors that will purchase your home within as little as ten days. They offer this service as a fast way for homeowners to sell their homes without fixing them up or paying agent commissions.

Why is cash offer better on house? ›

This is because when selling a home, cash offers represent less risk to the seller. A cash offer vs mortgage for a seller can give sellers more confidence in the buyer. With a cash offer, there's no chance financing could fall through. This ensures the deal goes ahead as planned.

How do I know if my cash offer is legit? ›

In a legit cash offer, no money should be exchanged before the sale has closed. This ensures that both parties are safe and do not lose any money during the process. If someone is too eager to send you money or even ask you for money, this is a sign that this might be a scam.

How do I know if my cash buyer is legit? ›

If they have no references or refuse to share them, you are probably dealing with a scam artist. Before you spend any time negotiating a cash-only sale, ask for a list of the properties the buyer has purchased in the past. Then, take the time to check the courthouse records to verify the accuracy of this information.

How accurate is HomeLight appraisal? ›

HomeLight home value accuracy

HomeLight doesn't provide users with information on how it determines its home values, other than that its estimates fall within 7% of a home's value roughly half the time.

Who owns HomeLight? ›

HomeLight was founded in 2012 by Drew Uher, the company's CEO, after he and his wife had difficulty researching agents based on needs or qualifications. The business, which was originally aimed at buyers, focuses on sellers.

Which home selling site is most accurate? ›

Realtor.com is affiliated with the National Association of Realtors and uses MLS listings which are sourced from around 580 regional databases and considered the gold standard for quality listings. 6 For this reason, Realtor.com is our pick for most accurate real estate website.

What is a simple sale? ›

Simple Sale – These types of sales are often low risk, routine, widely available, and commodity items. Things that involve a fairly short sales cycle to attain; quick purchases. Some examples of a simple sale are: groceries, hygiene products, restaurant food, and essentially anything you could get at Walmart.

How do I submit an offer on HomeLight? ›

Create and submit your offer directly to the Listing Team
  1. Step 1 - Go to the Property Package. ...
  2. Step 2 - Purchase Price. ...
  3. Step 3 - Contingencies. ...
  4. Step 4 - Verify Buyer Agent Contact Information. ...
  5. Step 5 - Upload Supporting Documents. ...
  6. Step 6 - Add a Message to the Listing Team. ...
  7. Step 7 - Final Review.

Which iBuyer pays the most? ›

Which iBuyer offers the most? Opendoor has a low service fee of 5% and generally pays the most for homes. However, Offerpad also has low service fees and offers to pay for local moves for free, which could save you money.

Can cash offer be lower than asking price? ›

Con: Cash may be lower than other offers

Some cash buyers, like flippers, may offer substantially less than market value. “In general, if someone's going to pay all cash for your house, you're going to have to give up something in return, which may impact what you're going to net on the sale price,” explains Barton.

Should I counter a cash offer on a house? ›

Some buyers and sellers might be hesitant to make a counteroffer because they're afraid to lose out on the sale or purchase of the home. Others might be eager to counteroffer to get a better price, timeline, or other terms. Most of the time, a counter offer is acceptable.

How do you negotiate a cash offer on a house? ›

How to Prepare for Negotiations with Cash Home Buyers
  1. Set Your Asking Price for a Cash Sale. ...
  2. Understand the Cash Home Buying Process. ...
  3. Research Cash Home Buyers in Minneapolis. ...
  4. Be Firm on Your Bottom Line. ...
  5. Don't Fall for High-Pressure Tactics. ...
  6. Focus on the Benefits of a Cash Home Sale. ...
  7. Consider Non-Monetary Terms in the Offer.
Apr 24, 2023

Can you counter offer a cash offer on a house? ›

As the seller, you should table your counteroffer. It should be a price tag higher than their quote, but slightly lower than your listed price. Most cash buyers are flexible and willing to negotiate, especially if they like your house.

Is Zillow cash offer worth it? ›

You only get one Zillow cash offer at their highest and best with nothing to compare it to. You run the risk of accepting a below-market value offer. You have no negotiation powers. It's a take it or leave it situation when you're given a Zillow offer to purchase.

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