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A Bird’s Eye View of Tiny Home Heaven

Acony Bell Tiny Home Community sits on over 50 stunning acres with 2 bold creeks and mountain views. We’relocated in what we find to be the perfect spot, a short drive to the city of Asheville, NC and just miles from some of the best hiking and mountain biking trails in the country.

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What People are Saying

“Living at Acony Bell is a dream! I love my neighbors,the mountains are in your backyard, and the management is great!”

Acony Bell Resident

Location, Location, Location

Acony Bell is located in Mills River, NC, just a few miles from Brevard, NC, the Asheville Regional Airport, and 22 Miles from the city of Asheville, NC. With world class mountain biking, hiking, and fly fishing and the city life of Asheville, NC a short drive away—we find it to be the perfect location!

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