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Honey, she has Todd time in here like a I don't, even know, oh we're making some progress.

Oh I, see some placards I think she is sweetest.

We opened it.

We really opened it.

Oh, my god.

What is this I'm so excited to see this? Okay, how does she know how I roll? Okay? So let's just talk about this out of bottom because that's, just how amazing she is.


So I have a big bag of toiletries and it's.

A point baggy.

This is my aesthetic Julie.

Of course.

Now I will tell you that I think ro.

Thank the triple point.

Mint had a little mishap, but it's.

Okay, we're gonna clean it off a little first eight to go that's, super cute, I, really like this.

This is a ton cleaner, Oh, I've seen on YouTube, too clean.

Yo tone, can't, wait to try that I love bathroom product items.

This has a little slime on it from the ointment, but it's.

Okay, oh it's a little pill holder.


You push down it's a little pill holder to see the cat's, um, let me get a 2-way.

You are in trouble.

Why did you do is you are the sweetest thing? Okay, the pill container.

I, love I'm, trying just to see what spilled and what didn't spill here was it.

The ointment is this the sister culprit thinking, thinking, maybe I don't think so seems to be intact.

I do love this y'all.

This is the triple antibiotic ointment.

Maybe it did come out of here.

Yeah, but not to fear I'm, just gonna dry it off, and it can be salvaged.

And this is BA.


Peppa's ass are too with are too bad.

Natural naturalist something triple antibiotic.

Ointment I do love this brand and let's.

See, yeah, oh I.

Do love Biggie's.

The placards travel kids.

So you get a toothbrush little placards in toothpaste.

This is genius and I'm, getting ready to go out a tailor and I need.

These that's point what she was like, um, you need to go ahead and open them.

Now if she knows how much I, truly I was just thinking, I need a new nail.

Clipper cuz, mine is so gross and so old.

And now I'm gonna be sassy and chic I love these I'll, let you cannot go wrong with a toothbrush, holder I have a brand new toothbrush and I have a brand new first holder.

Oh, this I think is what spilled Jules this this log form in three I.

Yeah, three in one citrus rush.

This is what it was, but look I, put it back on or thanks fun.

So this is the suave professionals.

Man, three-in-one, shampoo, conditioner and Body, Wash that's.

So handy just to throw in your bag when you go on a trip like that, because you never know what you're gonna have there in terms of stuff.

Tony always makes fun of me because I like to bring my own, but like this is perfect.

And so this is mine mine, mine mine.

We have some now this has some shampoo on it.

So again, I'm just wiping it off Jules.

This is my very favorite I, almost bought this today at the Dollar Tree and I'm, not even kidding you.

This is the ivory clear or clean body wash and it's.

A pretty substantial one.

This one is three ounces.

But this would last me a solid two vacations, let it we have got some q-tips, which I love because they're in this little carrying case, hello, Hannah, I need to do a purge up there of things you can you never have to any wet loves and I do like these because these are the travel pack so they're little and they're, just good a little speed, stick Oh from us.

Thank You, P, it's, funny, let's, see what we think Oh, mmm, it sounds like a man, sounds like a real man, mmm that does smell.

Good Jules.

We have got that one.

Yeah, a little shampoo on it.

But look I'm lopping.

Everything as I go.

These are the placard twin lines.

My very favorite, of course, she knows that come on and and I, don't know, this might be orange I, don't know, cool man, I, love base level of love.

Love, love love.

If you don't floss are you even taking care of your teeth? Oh, we have some Jergens.

Ultra healing lotion.

You know, jargons is my jam and actually on the little the little dried out.

And I love these big bags.

So much, hmm, there's, just something so comforting about Jergens.

Do you know what I'm saying these awful quick? So these, oh I love this.

These are placards, but they're in a little case, I love little cases of things that you can just throw into a bag.

But excuse me, this is perfect Julie you're the best and then last, but not least we have some fresh tangerine hand.


It looks like I was about to say up in it.

That is the tarjay, mmm smells very good and a little scope a little, scope mouthwash I'm going to keep this because I love this bag, I'm gonna clean the shampoo out of it.

And then let it dry.

Oh, my gosh, I, love that stuff you're, just the best.

Okay, let's, see what else isn't there? Well, first of all we talked about the fall wrap raffia for a few hours.

Oh, my gosh, please tell me that you did not get me a fanny pack it's.

A painting don't get too excited.

How I would see we want to hear from you of the Geo X collection? Oh, so it holds all your staff.

I can't, wait to see what this is multi-use, accessory bag, God's, why more than looks it's for like travel to put all my toiletries in perhaps but I was even thinking for my phone when I'm running and wondering if I could make that work, somehow see it's, very cute I, love, the colors it's, not that very slick.

It II probably will not, you know anything get gun stuff in it I love.

The colors let's, check out.

The main compartment here.

Well very spacious.

Yes, indeed.

So I think this is for toiletry items.

I was thinking.

It was a fanny pack.

And if that was the case I was gonna use it just wrap around myself and put my phone in here, but I bet there's a way I can do that.

Thank you.

Hello this.

And the brand is Geo X tons and tons and tons of storage space.

And you've got this little zipper on the back a little compartment, I, love it.

And then, oh, my goodness gracious all I want to do is drink coffee and pet my cat.

Oh, my gosh is that not the perfect cup.

And she knows she knows that I don't do no small cups.

Julie, yeah, Julie.

This is amazing I, can't, wait.

And it was wrapped up in a shirt.

I believe, oh, my gosh, it's, a Christmas cat shirt, y'all.

And let me tell you a funny story about this because believe it or not Julie I have this shirt this exact shirt, but I cut the sleeves off.

And then I was super sad because I could only wear it to the YMCA.

But now that I have one with sleeves I can wear it to Target and other such places.

But look at this it's a cat.

Riding, oh, oh there's.

A letter I, almost didn't see the letter I hope she doesn't learn that I'm gonna read it and I'm.

Sorry, I feel like Christmas like I've, got that Christmas feeling I, can't, wait to get up in the morning and drink this.

Okay, she says and I quote, first of all look at that, Happy, Thanksgiving, um, I.

Hope she doesn't mind me reading this.

Okay, I'm gonna read it.

Dear Tyler, I'm doing things, a little different this year.

So I'm, sending you a holiday package, instead of just a Christmas present I, am so proud of what you have accomplished this past year and remain grateful for our friendship, my thoughts, when putting this gift together was a theme of fit fresh and fabulous you'll see why shortly in just a couple of extra pay, Pitt, dad, goodies as well.

The care of the package is to keep you ready to roll when you have to leave a spin class and get to an open house in an hour.

These items may not be your number one preferred brands, but maybe keeping them on him will make it easier for you to get ready at a moment's.

Notice like Oh like a all Dopp kit, kind of thing who knew two or three years ago, feels like longer than me finding your early Aldi, hauls, great it's, trying to get in the box it's there that may finding your early Aldi, hauls and eating shows we would get to be friends, but I'm grateful for it.

And wish you nothing, but the best in your next chapters, much love Julie and the kids.

And the inside says, wishing wishing, you love and laughter with plenty of memories left over.

This is what life's all about my dear its friends and I'm angry that you spent money on me.

But at the same time, my heart's about to explode because I love you and I'm, just how thoughtful was that how thoughtful are you like that's just precious to me I just love you.

So before I get emotional we're gonna end this vlog how these people they're just you're too much or too sweet to me too sweet to me I love, you all and I mean, it I hope everybody has a great, not I.


Everybody has a great day.

I hope.

Everybody has a great Julie in their life and that's about it don't, forget to Like comment and subscribe.

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If you would check me out I would sure appreciate it.

And if you would consider sharing me on your channel I would appreciate that as well.

This is my new favorite.

This has nothing to do with anything.

But this is my new favorite Bath, &, Body, Works, spray, it's, almond, blossom, it's, new and I love it.

So I'm gonna head off I cannot wait to look I'm.

So excited, I, love you to blue and I love, you all too and I mean, it good bye.

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