Fixer Home for Sale with a Huge Lot in Rolling Hills Estates (2023)


Fixer Home for Sale with a Huge Lot in Rolling Hills Estates virtual video tour by

This 3 bedroom, 2 bath single level home is located in a very desirable area of Rolling Hills Estates. The large flat lot is over a half acre (24,605 sf ) and has a pool & spa, sand volleyball court and a 3 stall corral. There's room for an auxiliary dwelling unit or RV/Boat parking. Easy access on and off the Hill and close to shopping and schools. Rear yard is south facing and private. This property is ready for you to make it your own.

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About Me:
Jason Buck is a lifelong resident of Palos Verdes and enjoys the history and culture of the peninsula. Growing up by the Pt. Vicente lighthouse, Jason learned about the hill roaming the plains under city hall and wading through the tide pools at the bottom of the cliff. In 1998 Jason bought the home he grew up in, and started his career in real estate.
Jason has also had the opportunity of traveling through Europe, Central America, Mexico, and Australia, and Costa Rica. His travels have opened his mind to various cultures and experiences allowing him to understand and appreciate the different lifestyles around the world. After managing a family business and installing hardwood floors, Jason realized a natural ability of hosting clients in the town he was raised. "It was really easy for me to show visitors the peninsula and entertain them with the numerous attributes and specialties the hill has to offer," he said after showing a prospective buyer a few Palos Verdes homes. "Many people have no idea that a PV oasis exists, and I know a lot of the hidden secrets that keep this place special." Jason has received a Certified International Property Specialist designation from the National Association of Realtors® and is expanding his business to International markets. His goal is to find solid relationships that support win/win situations for both client and agent.

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Hi I'm, Jason buck I work with Remax estate properties here in poverty's, our real estate market is very hot.

Homes are sometimes selling in less than a week.

Now you may not have all the time to get to all these homes, but I do and I shoot a virtual tour to help.

You save time.

Hi I'm, Jason buck and I wanted to show you this listing at 8 Larry at Larry.

Ott is a beautiful Street.

We're located, just off Rolling Hills, Road, just down that way.

There's a nursery school here called Palos Verdes, Hills, great school, there's, Rolling, Hills Road.

And then it called us axe down that way.

Look at this property.

There is a ton of potential here because the lock is massive.

It needs work, but like I said, a ton of potential wait till we get to the backyard.

So the driveways got a little interesting dealio, not sure what this is.

It could be where the septic tank is.

And then the garage is on this side.

So we'll see all that in a little bit.

But you know when you want to look for something where you can do support there's, some older horse flare, see the wagon on the screen door, beautiful, wood, floors coming in got the wagon wheels as we walk inside the house and um.

So here's, our entrance room, we'll just keep going so there's, a wet bar here, it's, nice.

And it opens up where you can really start to feel this property on the outside, but I'm gonna double back let's.

Take a look real quick, but we'll get into it.

It goes way back, but I'm gonna double back to show what's up here out front first so here's, our wet bar into this family room, okay, there's our entrance.

And then the kitchens over here, do a slanted wall to get into your kitchen.

It's, a little dated, good space bay window up front door to go outside.

But you know, if you leave a little bit of this wall and then wipe out all that and make this whole thing, bigger that's gonna be pretty neat, and it can be done.

So you look back this way, you want to try and include that kitchen.

Now would be nice.

Some of these angled walls are kind of interesting so coming back this way we have our wet bar.

We have our fireplace, maybe get out as well to open all this up.

If you do take the fireplace out, you have to put back in just a gas.

You can't have a wood-burning that appears to be burning your master, and you have quite a bit of room.

You do have a walk-in closet here.

And that can be reconfigured to be much more to today's standard thing here we are this wood, got em.

You know, they are we back the other side in the kitchen, and then they have huge shower, shower/tub combo that you need to rework all this stuff and create a more of a master bath.

So it's, interesting, the angled wall, something I think you'd want to try and get rid of to try and make more room for the actual kitchen.

So there is, and then this would be back here.

So maybe you're just taking this portion out to open it up with an island, and that would be cool too.

There is some room here so there's an idea there, and then it gets even more ideas back this way.

So you have a bath here, 3/4 then kind of a door to the outside.

So that you can go to the pool.

You have a built out here, which is your closet and a very very small.

This is one I mean, it's, not even 6 feet wide that makes this pretty difficult for having it back.

But with the closet is considered a bedroom quite a bit.

Bigger I would probably try to do some kind of door to the outside there.

So then we come into this room, and you can see the way that the bed was, and then we have something I, don't know, what really happened here window.

This was an addition or what did you have this other room back here.

So trying to figure out what to take and take down and incorporate would be pretty cool.

This room doesn't have a closet.

So it's, not considered a bedroom at this time.

Once again doors to the outside would be amazing through here.

So quite a bit of potential if you can figure out how to move these walls or down and make a good space, see that rooms contained into that area.

So let's go with the rest of the block.

I mean, the lot is just incredible.

So they do have according to your roofline.

We do have a another pitch here.

So maybe there's a way to come out this way, I'm, not sure that's, where all that stuff was seems like there's enough room, and then also there's room this way here towards the garage and figure out what you did.

This would be the garage and look at this slide, it's, absolutely gorgeous, hot tub here.

Wow, this is just incredible.


Thanks pool.

Just a ton of room come out into the back do a full volleyball court, a lot of room here down to the fence.

And then you have all these stables here, very interesting.

And then all this extra room, you know, with big doors opening up there's another property.

So they just put up a new fence, really nice, it's, a ton of potential here, a huge block.

So let me know if you have more questions or would like to private showing, or we'd like to look at comps, I'd, be happy to help you from Jason buck and thanks for watching.

Thanks a lot for watching if there's a home that you want to see, please write to me, I'd be happy to show it to you I have a lot of information that I'd be happy to share just give me a call or write me anything Thanks and make it a great day.

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