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Before adopting a blue heeler corgi mix, you might want to know everything about it. This includes the pros and cons of this hybrid, understanding and taking care of them, feeding and grooming, and so on.

You should know that training one hybrid puppy is different from training another. That is why you should understand the four-legged animal you are about to add to your family to enable you to make the right choice.

Read on to learn more about the Cowboy Corgi you are about to adopt.

What Is A Blue Heeler Corgi Mix?

Blue Heeler Corgi Mix dog is a medium-sized mix breed that originated from the Australian Cattle Dog (also known as Blue Heeler) and is either a Cadigan Welsh or Pembroke Welsh.

This breed of dog is energetic, lively, and friendly. They are quiet dogs and don’t usually disturb with unnecessary barking. They are very peaceful and calm.

This energetic dog breed is used in herding cattle, and they have the zeal to work. They require more exercise and training. The blue heeler corgi is called Cowboy Corgi, Corgi Cattle Dog, Cardigan Welsh Corgi, and Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

History About The Corgi Mix With Heeler

It’s important to know about the parentage of this hybrid.

Australian Cattle Dog

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This is also referred to as the ACD. Before the name was changed to Australian Cattle Dog, this breed was called the Blue Heelers and Queensland Blue Heelers. Robert Kaleski introduced this breed in 1897; by 1902, the breed became standardized.

The Cattle and Sheep Dog Club of Australia and the Kennel Club of New South Wales officially approved the breed standard in 1903. This breed was recognized first by the American Kennel Club (AKC) in 1980.

They came from the herding group and have a strong zeal to work, and they are the happiest whenever they are working. They are energetic and smart. They’re medium-sized, weighing anywhere between 30-50 pounds. They have a strong muscular and stocky body build.

ACDs have a unique and distinctive coloring amongst all herding breeds. Their coats are always bluish and have mottled and speckled design patterns. Some breeds are either tan or tan with rust coloring rather than blue.

Expect lots of hair. Their coats are medium length in size with a moderate undercoat which tends to shed twice in a year. The eyes of these dog breeds are primarily brown and rarely have any other color. Their ears are naturally elevated.

They don’t usually live above 12-16 years and experience a few health issues. Constant ear and teeth checks are very important for this breed. They are friendly with people and can create strong bonds but can outsmart them if they set their minds to it.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

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Corgis are of two different types – Cardigan Welsh and Pembroke Welsh. We’ll focus on the Cowboy Corgi because they are always bred to be part of the Pembroke.

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi was first identified by the American Kennel Club in 1934. There are many similarities between these two: even if the hybrid is half Cadigan Welsh Corgi, the appearance, longevity, and temperament will be almost identical.

The difference between them is their coat color. Cardigan comes in various colors and brindle patterns, while Pembroke does not. Corgis are originally bred to be herding dogs(i.e., herd cattle). They are small in size but very strong.

They are mostly known as companion dogs rather than working ones. They are attached to their families and are fond of them but not too clingy like other smaller dogs.

They are not known as toy breeds, although they are not all that bigger than small pet dogs. An adult Pembroke should weigh at most 30 pounds.

They are excellent pets for your homes and are not interested in living in an apartment. They need much more exercise than toy breeds but not as much as bigger dogs. Corgis are popular because of their elevated ears, facial attributes, and dwarf legs.

Although their tails are always docked, this method is no longer in practice in recent years. The previous way of telling which Cardigan or Pembroke was whether or not the tail was docked.

This wasn’t in the breed standardization for Cardigans. Now that pet parents no longer support this cosmetic method, the Pembroke is more likely to retain their natural tail.

Pembroke has two major health challenges: genetic eye disorder and hip dysplasia. However, with good screening and care, this dog breed tends to have a longer lifespan (12-13 years).

Blue Heeler Corgi Mix

When it comes to this hybrid they most likely won’t have the ultimate zeal to work or herd. If you are planning to adopt this breed of dog then you should be prepared for a dog with moderate to high working needs.

Meanwhile, off-leash running is the best way they can burn off some energy. They are likely to inherit the small legs of the Corgi parent. The coloring can be from either side of the parent with the possibility of some uncommon design pattern.

The hybrid will possibly have elevated ears since both parents have them. There won’t be much weight difference when combined, since both breeds have the same size.

Corgi Cattle Dog Mix Temperament

Generally, these mixed breeds are great pet dogs and companions. They are also great herding dogs. The Blue Heeler Corgi Mix will need early training to learn how to accept other pets into their home.

This energetic canine quickly gets bored when they have left alone; therefore, keeping them entertained will be required.

The Corgi Cowboy Dogs are friendly and loving towards their families but are not usually familiar with strangers so they should be avoided. Early socialization is essential.

Since this canine has a solid passion to herd and a high energy level, they should be constantly engaged with physical activities like running, flyball, swimming, and other daily activities. This will keep them mentally active.

They can be stubborn at times therefore, regular training with lots of patience will be needed. This hybrid won’t favor people who frustrate easily.

Corgi Heeler Mix Grooming And Care

There are certain things you should be aware of when it comes to grooming and care, so that will enable you to decide if you’ll have all it takes to dedicate to this mix.

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi and Australian Cattle Dog individually have a double coat which is the undercoat and outer layer of hair. They shed more due to the mixture of both parents. Therefore their coat needs extra care.

Daily brushing is required. Brush for 15 to 25 minutes daily with a slicker comb to get rid of accumulated dirt and loose fur.

Their nails should be examined regularly to avoid breakage and also, and the footpads should be cared for in case they get dry or damaged. To avoid any teeth problems or concerns, brush regularly.

Bathing may not be on daily basis. But if they love outdoor activities, then they will need regular bathing than an indoor dog. An ACD usually has heavy wax all over its ear, so regular ear cleaning should be added to this hybrid’s grooming routine.

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Blue Heeler Corgi Mix Diet

A healthy balanced diet is essential for the health of every dog. An energetic and working dog like the Australian Cattle Dog will require a high calorie intake and enough protein.

A Corgi Cowboy Dog shouldn’t be overfed since they are just like their parents – calm and enjoys spending more time indoors. This hybrid easily gets overweight so its daily food intake should be monitored regularly.

Corgi Blue Heeler Mix Living Arrangements

Living in a smaller apartment for this hybrid isn’t a problem but make sure you offer them plenty of outdoor time. Engage your dog with lots of physical activities, don’t allow them to get bored. That way, they won’t wreck your small space.

Owning a backyard is great, but off-leash training in a dog park is welcomed. Providing them with all these will prevent the biting of a bored dog from wrecking your home.

Corgis usually stick around their owners and even sleep on the same bed with them, although ACDs can be just as loving, but might love their own space or bed.

Even if you love sleeping with your dog on the same bed, providing them with their own sleeping space is a great idea. They might choose a more comfortable space they feel safe in, so putting up their bed there allows them to own a space.

Keeping Your Australian Cattle Dog Mix With Corgi In Good Health

The health concern affecting each breed is Hip dysplasia, so this hybrid will need thorough screening to ensure this health issue is figured out in time.

Corgis usually suffer from an eye disorder, a veterinarian should screen them out at a tender age. Hearing problems are another health concern in Corgis and can be present at birth. Before reproducing any dog, breeders should check for these.

They have a risk of developing elbow dysplasia, which is a joint disease a veterinarian should look out for.

Is The Cowboy Corgi The Perfect Partner For You?

This hybrid is good-looking, friendly, intelligent, and loyal. So why won’t it make a perfect partner?

It’s true that this mix is an ideal companion and has every quality of a good pet. But before getting one for yourself, ensure you are ready to give them the standard home they would love.

Since they are herding dogs, their exercise and physical activities will be high. Will they make a perfect city dog?

Yes, of course, but only if you have access to a backyard or dog park or have what it takes to walk them up to two miles daily.

If you want to keep your dog happy and active, then you should engage them with lots of training and exercise. They’ll be hard to manage if you leave them indoors too much.

This hybrid is very popular, so it won’t be difficult finding one on sale. They are known as “designer dogs” as of now, so you will find them quite expensive to purchase. Getting them from an authentic breeder or a rescue group is strongly recommended.

Final Verdict

Although the price is still likely to be costly, when it comes to adoption fees, things like certification of health and genetic exercise are worth paying more.

Don’t risk adopting a dog from a puppy mill or backyard breeder because they suffer from many health and temperament problems.

If you want them to accommodate children and other pets, early training is needed to prevent them from entering the herding mode.

Blue Heeler Corgi Mix: All You Need to Know About The Cowboy Corgi | ThePetsTome (2024)
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