A Slice of RV Life Ep#35: Rocky Goes to Red Bay, Alabama, Tiffin Motorhomes and Service (2023)


A series of short videos and random, unscripted moments from our everyday full-time RV lifestyle.

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Episode #35: Rocky Goes to Red Bay, Alabama filmed while driving through Tennessee, Mississippi and Red Bay, Alabama, on May 12, 2016.

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It's Thursday afternoon, we finished work hit the road already left, Tennessee, we're currently Mississippi and our way to red Bay, Alabama home of Tiffin, motorhomes it's going to be super cool to go to the Tiffin factory and watch the coaches being built and learned so much more about the process of building motorhome and I'm also thinking, it will be really cool to meet a bunch of other tip and owners while we're there because I heard that's a neat part of being able to go there's campground, right there on site.

So there'll be lots of different Tiffin owners to share stories with and learn from and it'll be kind of fun to be in a campground that's, virtually all Tibetan Stu, little fella, be a unique experience, almost like a Tiffin rally be cool.

We've had the coach for two years now and not being in this part of the country.

We've never had the opportunity to go to the Tiffin manufacturer until now we thought would make the most of the opportunity of being there by having a couple little minor things done on our coach, nothing bad and nothing major.

But we just thought why not have it repaired Tiffin manufacturer instead of at a regular shop, but we've been really fortunate with the coach the last two years have minimal issues, but looking forward to getting a couple little tiny things fixed up here by the folks who build them I'm super happy with it for the last two years at very few issues with the coach, the couple non minor things we've had they've all been covered by warranty either by tech, or by our extended warranty.

But part of that I think is credit to the brand and Julie and I did a whole lot of research before we chose our coach.

And we just knowing that we were going to live in this full-time year-round.

We wanted to make sure we chose a coach that had a reputation for reliability, durability and a brand that had a great reputation for taking care of their customers after they sell.

And though for plan is always going to be a very important factor, knowing that you're going to be taken care of by the manufacturer is a big consideration as well.

When you're looking at a code, almost there, we only have 11 miles to go where we're still a Mississippi red babe just over the border.

Can you cross out of Mississippi and Alabama that I gave the coach and watched yesterday's I knew that when we're gonna show up with all these other people with similar coaches, I didn't want to be that guy with a really dirty gross coach when everyone else has had their nice clean coaches.

So especially was are the things we wanted to have a look that was a piece, some of the paint too so I wanted to watch that, but definitely wanted to know the coach nice and clean for showing up for this and I'm, very happy to see that we did not get any rain.

Even though it was in the forecast.

There was no rain on the drive down today.

So you should be able to show up a spot free that was pretty funny I, don't know, if you happen to see the Alabama sign that was the most rundown poor quality state, borders, I have seen in our entire travel.

It was completely bent over and down.

And all the wording was faded away.

That was a sad sad.

Welcome to Alabama sign.

The Tiffin service campground let's.

Go get checked in you'll, be hanging out here at red bay for the next few days, doing a tour of the Tiffin manufacturing plant and the paint shop where they build and paint new coaches.

And having the service departments do some repairs on our coach we'll, be sharing our experience at each of these.

So keep an eye out for more videos.

Right here at our beloved TV.


What RV company is in Red Bay Alabama? ›

Red Bay and Tiffin Motorhomes

The Tiffin family has always called Red Bay home, so it made sense to build the company here. Unlike most towns its size, Red Bay receives visitors year-round from all over the country because it's where we build every Class A motorhome and where our skilled technicians provide service.

What is Red Bay Alabama known for? ›

One of the city's most well known and admired features are the redbay trees. The trees, planted by the Red Bay Garden Club in the 1930s, cast a canopy over Main Street.

Where are Tiffin motorhomes built? ›

Where Are Tiffin Motorhomes Built? The Tiffin Belmont Factory is in Belmont, Mississippi. The Wayfarer Plant is in Winfield, Alabama. Additionally, they have a third factory in Red Bay, Alabama.

How long has Tiffin RV been in business? ›

Tiffin was established in 1972 in Red Bay (Alabama) by Leigh's grandfather, Bob Tiffin, the legendary Founder and CEO of the company, and is proud to be one of the few family-operated motorhome manufacturers in the industry.

Who is the largest RV dealer United States? ›

We are America's RV destination! Lazydays RV Tampa is the world's largest RV dealership, known for having the biggest selection of RVs in the nation, as well as a culture for taking great care of our customers. We have many RV experts here!

What is the largest bay in Alabama? ›

Mobile Bay is the largest bay found in Alabama's coastal area (Handley et al., 2007). It was named an Estuary of National Significance in 1995 under the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) National Estuary Program (NEP), and its Comprehensive Conservation Management Plan was completed in 2002.

What is the most famous thing about Alabama? ›

Alabama is known for its Southern hospitality, its history of civil rights struggles, and as the birthplace of the Civil Rights Movement. It is also a large producer of two commodities in the United States and is a significant home to space discovery.

What does Red Bay mean? ›

noun. : a southern U.S. tree (Persea borbonia) of the laurel family having aromatic evergreen leaves and dark red heartwood.

How long do Tiffin Motorhomes last? ›

On average, you can expect a motorhome to last 20 years, or 200,000 miles, whichever happens first. Regular maintenance and winterising of your motorhome will extend its lifespan.

What is the top-of-the-line in Tiffin Motorhomes? ›

Welcome to the pinnacle of adventure.

They're all yours in the stunning new 2023 Zephyr, flagship of the Tiffin lineup.

What is the top-of-the-line Tiffin RV? ›

2023 Zephyr

Loaded with more features than we've ever put into a motorhome, the Zephyr is our most luxurious model. Tiffin Motorhomes at its finest.

How reliable are Tiffin Motorhomes? ›

Tiffin has a reputation for making high-quality RVs. I can back that up as we've put about 20,000 miles on ours and it's still holding up well.

What is the cost of a Tiffin motorhome? ›

What Do They Cost? Tiffin motorhomes vary tremendously in cost. The MSRP for a 2022 top-of-the-line Zephyr is over $700,000. On the other hand, the MSRP for a 2022 Open Road Allegro is around $250,000.

Does Tiffin make their own chassis? ›

Tiffin Motorhomes has built its proprietary PowerGlide chassis for its Type A diesel motorhomes since the company began manufacturing Type A diesel motorhomes.

Who is the new RV manufacturer in Goshen in? ›

GOSHEN — A new towable RV manufacturing firm has been unveiled by leading industry executives. Located on the southeast side of Goshen, Brinkley RV has a 252-acre campus near the Elkhart County Fairgrounds where ground was recently broken for three production facilities.

What company owns Forest River campers? ›

Forest River RV is a division of Forest River, Inc., a Berkshire Hathaway company, which produces recreational vehicles, pontoons, park models, buses, cargo trailers and commercial trucks.

Who bought Forest River RV? ›

Officially Forest River Inc. is now a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway, Inc., an investment and holding company led by Warren Buffet that acquired Forest River RV in 2005.

Where is Heartland RV built? ›

Heartland RVs has their primary manufacturing plant in Elkhart, Indiana, in the USA. To schedule a factory tour, you can contact the company either by phone or through their website. If you are unable to visit them in person, you can look at a few of their models through their site as well!

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